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Why You Should Follow Your Car Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedules

Taking care of your car is your responsibility. If you do it, then you’d also be taking care of yourself by lowering the risk of meeting an accident due to faulty vehicles. Taking care of your car means properly maintaining it. Although you know the basic car care, taking it to the auto shops for maintenance checks should still be done. Following your maintenance schedule will help figure out the problem as early as possible. 

Your Car Maintenance Schedule

How often you have your car checked and maintained can usually be found in the manual. Some people even consult online sources to determine which schedule fits them most. Car manufacturers know the vehicles and would give a suggested timeline as to when it needs to be maintained. 

The interval between maintenance checks and what services would be provided will depend on several factors like the car’s make and model, the mileage and the months it has already been driven. Usually, manufacturers suggest having the car maintained once it hits the 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile marks. 

Although maintenance checks are still advised even if it hasn’t reached those marks, reaching those certain miles are significant and servicing is needed. For such marks, the following services are usually done:

  • Change the engine air filter
  • Change engine oil and replace the filter
  • Rotate the tires
  • Inspection of hoses as well as the cooling system
  • Inspection of the rotors, brake pads, and brake lines
  • Inspection of the steering linkage, boots, and gears
  • Inspection of the exhaust system

Factors That Affects Your Car Maintenance Schedule

The schedule of your car’s maintenance can depend on a variety of factors. Some cars will benefit well from more frequent visits because of how they are used. The factors that can affect that include the following:

  • Driving style of the driver/s – Are you the only one who drives the car? If you are, then you should know your driving style affects how often you need to take your car for maintenance checks. If you are the type that pumps the brakes on the road, then your car may be in need of more frequent maintenance checks.
  • The type of road you drive in – City dwellers who usually drive in a stop-and-go situation are in need of more frequent car maintenance. On the other hand, if you tend to drive on muddy, sandy or dusty roads, your car needs better care when driving through them. 
  • The climate your car is exposed in – Cars that are exposed to climates that are mostly below freezing or in the presence of heavy snow may also be in need of more frequent maintenance checks. 

Reasons To Stick To Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule

It can be difficult for some people to stick to their car’s maintenance schedule. Some don’t bring them in until they notice something is wrong. However, that isn’t good practice. Being consistent with car maintenance will yield some fruitful benefits such as the following:

Repair Costs Are Minimized

Just like your health, when it comes to cars, prevention is better than having it repaired. It is also more cost-effective and easier on the budget. If you tend to miss your maintenance schedules, you can expect to have some part of your car repaired or replaced in the near future. If unfortunately, that part of your car is the engine, then you can expect a very high cost. 

Car parts, such as the engine will last longer with regular maintenance. Maintenance helps it to function properly and efficiently while lengthening its life. Don’t make the mistake of taking your car’s maintenance foregranted because you wanted to save some money on the scheduled service it needs to receive. You’ll end up spending more with repairs and replacements.

Breakdowns Are Avoided

Proper care for the car through regular maintenance helps the various parts to function properly. This means there is a lesser risk of having a surprise breakdown. Unexpected breakdowns can be very dangerous too because they can cause an accident or collision. 

Take your tires for example. If you don’t regularly maintain them and check for proper air pressure, they can blowout and cause you to become unstable and difficult to control.

Prevent Degradation Of Your Car’s Value

Some people buy cars but don’t end up having them for the rest of their life. When a new model comes along, it can be tempting to get that new model. But what do you do with your old car? You sell it, of course. However, the value of your car will significantly degrade if you do not know how to properly care for it through maintenance checks. 

Most buyers will have the car inspected by their mechanic to see if they are getting a good deal. If there is a lot of repairs and replacements, the value of your car will certainly go down. Some buyers even request for the car’s maintenance records. A car that isn’t properly maintained and is less likely to be sold.

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Take The Leap To Be A Mechanic

Mechanic's Training

Many car lovers have a dream of having a career as a mechanic. This is because they get to do what they love and earn some cash out of it. Another perk of being a mechanic and a car lover is getting the chance to work on some of your most favorite vehicles.

Through automotive schools, car lovers can combine their passion for cars and mechanical training so that they can build a career that they will surely love. Getting a stable job as a mechanic is only one of the benefits that training and studying produces. However, there are still other benefits to being a mechanic.

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Outsmart Those Car Repair Scammer With These Tips

Car Scams

Car repairs often bring headaches to car owners. Not only does it mean that their beloved car has a problem, but it also means that they have to spend valuable time and money to get it repaired. While no one likes to pay the unplanned costs of repair a vehicle, the cost can skyrocket if the car mechanic scams them.

As old crusty Michigan repair shop owner and traveling mechanics, I’ve seen just about every scam you could think of, and then some. So today I wanted to share some sage advice on way in which you can outsmart those damned Car Repair Scammers.

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Start Protecting Your Car Paint Today! Here’s How…

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Car maintenance doesn’t just involve maintaining what’s under the hood. It also involves maintaining the interior and exterior side of your vehicle.

And hey, let’s be honest: everyone likes driving around in shiny new-looking car or truck.

So while we’re always talking about under the hood maintenance so for today’s post we’re going to change it up a bit to we’ll focus more on the exterior part of your car, specifically the car’s paint.

Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your car’s exterior paint…

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Basic Car Care For Non-Mechanics

Emergency SituationsMaintenance Schedules

It takes years to learn and understand how the mechanical systems function and integrate on all the different makes and models out there today.  Personally I learn on average 3 new things a day – things change that quick.  With all the new models and functionality coming out with each new release; it a full time job keeping up.

As a consumer, it just makes sense to hire a solid mechanic to service your vehicle at regular intervals. With that in mind it’s important you understand some basics of your car, SUV, or truck, but it’s even more important you get on a schedule for maintenance.

Here’s my quick thoughts on the subject…

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Broken Down Car On Highway

The 4 Most Common Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Maintenance Schedules

If your like most people, your car is an integral part of your lives.  Basic things, like getting to their workplace on time and shuttling to the kids to their school, just to name a few.

Since we rely so heavily on our vehicles for daily living, your car not starting is, well…a non-starter!

I been blessed to be doing what I love for many years now, and while there may be a hundred reasons why your car won’t start, there are a few that bubble up to the top as the most common.

So while I may just write an article on the wackiest reasons for a dead car, in this week’s post, I’ll aim to highlight these most common of reasons…

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Can My Punctured Tyre Be Repaired?

Car Diy RepairsEmergency Situations

It’s a sunny day and you are ready to hit the meeting but guess what? Your car tyre is punctured. We all have been through these frustrating scenarios where one is clueless and numb.

You just can’t waste time blaming the nail or debris on the road for puncturing your brand new tyre. It’s the moment to take action and get your hands dirty in order to repair and get going with your routine.

Before fetching the disassembly tools you first need to figure out that, can your punctured tyre be repaired? Today, we’ll guide you on how to analyze a repairable and non-repairable tyre.

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Transmission in Trucks: Some Basic Info


Truck driving takes some serious experience and skill if you want things to go the right way. Back in the day’s people who drove manual transmission trucks were genuinely known as the only Truck Drivers but that isn’t the case anymore. As technology is evolving day by day with pace many have accepted the automatic transmission as changing a few gears efficiently doesn’t make you the ideal trucker.

Truck drivers prefer the manual transmission system as automatic transmission didn’t hold up to the promises in past. Now here we are with this piece that will reveal you both sides of the transmission story!

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