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avoid injury during car emergency situations

Survival Guide To Driving Emergencies

Emergency Situations

Car mechanics are experts when it comes to vehicles. However, not all drivers are car mechanics but that doesn’t mean that they should stay ignorant about various things about cars. There are basic car care things you should still know.

How about you? Would you consider yourself as an expert or someone who’s well-knowledgeable about cars? 

Nevertheless, whether you know a lot about cars or not, you should always come prepared and know what to do in case of driving emergencies. We’ve listed some of the driving emergencies plus tips on what to do in case those happen. With this guide, we hope your injuries would lessen and the damages to your car won’t be severe. 

Car Stalls Or Breaks Down In The Middle Of The Road

You should never stop your vehicle in the middle of the road unless you are following road laws or if your safety is in the line. Other cars on the road are moving and when you stop abruptly, there’s a chance for a crash to happen. 

In case your car breaks down, it won’t immediately stop. Use that momentum to try to go to the side of the road, away from traffic. Make sure that you are clearly visible from either direction. Your emergency lights or hazard lights will make you more visible so use them. 

Although there can be different car emergencies, the common thing that you should do for all of them is to refrain from panicking so you can think of what to do. 

Blown Tire

A blown tire can be startling because it can be accompanied by a loud sound. When this happens the first thing you do is to grip the steering wheel firmly and make sure you are steering straight. 

Next is to release the gas pedal and gently use your brakes only when your car is already under control. If you use the breaks too early, it would be more difficult to control your vehicle. Then, pull off on the side of the road. 

Failure to Steer

It can be alarming to notice that your car isn’t under your control when you steer it but it could happen. When it does, stop stepping on the gas, turn your emergency lights on. 

If you can’t steer your vehicle, you are going straight and it is clear ahead, you can just let the car decelerate on its own. 

On the other hand, if the road ahead isn’t clear, you could use your brakes. Be sure to carefully do this so that you don’t completely lose control of the vehicle.

Headlights Stop Working

When your headlights suddenly become dim or go off in the middle of the night, you should use your other lights. The high beams, as well as the hazard lights, can help you see the road until you can pull off somewhere safe where you can call for help. 

Gas Pedal Is Stuck

When the gas pedal is stuck, you can try to make it unstuck by using your foot to hook the pedal underneath and pull it upwards. Sometimes that works well but if not, then you should shift to neutral or step on the clutch. 

Then, use firm pressure on your brakes. Also, don’t forget to use your emergency lights or honk your horn to warn other people that you are experiencing a car emergency. 


There are many reasons why your car may skid. It could be due to your brakes, steering harshly while accelerating or when you are going too fast in difficult road conditions. 

To stop skidding, you have to figure out what causes you to skid. If it is due to the brakes, then release the brakes. On the other hand, if it is due to your acceleration, then release the gas pedal. 

If you are experiencing a rear-wheel skid,  use the steering wheel and turn in the direction of the skid. If your skid goes the opposite direction, follow that direction with your steering. You may have to repeat this several times for you to get back control over your vehicle. 

If it is a front-wheel skid, you should release the gas and select neutral for automatic vehicles or press the clutch for manual vehicles. Don’t steer until the traction returns. Once it returns, you can now steer in the direction you want to go. After which, you can drive your car as usual again. 

Another Car Is Coming At You

When another car is coming at you, do your best to get the attention of that car by flashing your high beams and using your horn. If the car doesn’t respond, steer towards the side of the road. It is best to go to the side of your lane because you could crash with other oncoming vehicles if you pull off to the left side of the road. 

Car Is On Fire

If your car is on fire, pull over immediately. Turn off the ignition, get out of the vehicle and run far away from the vehicle. It is best not to try to fight the fire on your own. Dousing it with water may seem a great idea to fight the fire but that could actually worsen the situation. 

Animal Crossing

Sometimes, animals can suddenly cross the road. When you see them, slow down as quickly as possible. However, don’t swerve because you can swerve right into another car as you avoid the animal. Also, even if you try swerving to avoid the animal, you could still hit it because it can suddenly change directions. 

car mechanic on training

Can You Train Online To Become A Mechanic?

Mechanic's Training

Are you aspiring to become an auto mechanic? Being an auto mechanic is a rewarding career especially if you are truly interested in vehicles. If you have a passion for it, then working for it would be very rewarding.

In the past year, we have experienced lockdowns and social distancing. That might have led you to find alternative ways to still pursue what you want without risking yourself. That is where online classes and courses come into the picture. 

Wouldn’t it be great to simply sit down in front of the computer and learn everything to become an auto mechanic? So is this really possible for hands-on careers like auto mechanics?

Learning Online

It’s true, there are lots of auto mechanic courses online. They will definitely teach you a lot about the technical concepts. You’ll learn how things work and what makes them work. However, it is still different from hands-on training. 

Online courses for auto mechanics are best for amateurs who just want to learn things about cars so they can work on their own vehicles as a hobby. It is also a great learning tool for professionals who would want to brush up on their knowledge. 

Learning all about the technical aspects of cars is possible through online. You may also update yourself about the latest technologies through online sources but nothing still beats hands-on experience. 

Be A Certified Mechanic

The online sources could be your first step to becoming a certified mechanic. It could also help you choose which auto mechanic skills you want to focus on. There are different certifications that you can get and there are many different classifications of auto mechanics. 

Nonetheless, if you really want to be a certified one and build a career in it, you must first take courses for it, have enough hands-on experience, and get certified. 

Cars today have become complex. That is why there are different certifications available. You can focus on specific types of vehicles like trucks. There are also some that specialize in certain car parts like electronic systems, engine performance, brakes, or heating and air conditioning. 

car battery maintenance

Maintenance Tips For Car Batteries

long term maintenance

When we talk about car maintenance, the most common things that come to mind are oil changes or other fluid changes. Many people, including you, might forget about your car battery. It’s true that the car battery has a lifespan of about 4-6 years, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them.

You need to monitor and maintain your car batteries regularly too. Here are ways on how to do that:

Replace Your Battery

While it depends on the battery quality and conditions, car batteries typically have a lifespan of about 4-6 years. That means that you should also replace your car battery about every 4 years. When you replace your car battery regularly, you also make sure that your car runs properly. Don’t wait for your car battery to die before you replace them. It can be very inconvenient for you if your car fails to start just because your battery is already due for a replacement.

Keep It Clean

Another way to maintain your car battery is to make sure that it is clean, especially the terminals. Make sure they are not corroded. Look for any buildup due to rust or dirt. When you find them, use a wire brush to remove them. You can also use an anti-corrosion paste for the corroded areas. Due to the acidity of the paste, the rust attachment will be loosened and you may now remove it easily with a damp cloth or a scrub.

This should be done regularly at least every 3 weeks. Any build-up of dirt and rust on the terminals or connectors can disrupt the flow of power. That will also cause the lifespan of your battery to decrease. 

Avoid Always Going On Short Trips

Whenever you start your car, you use up your battery. It will only be recharged if you continue with your journey. The problem with very short trips is that the battery may not be recharged enough due to the short distance. If this is done everyday, the voltage will eventually go down until your car won’t be able to start anymore. 

Secure It In Place

The life of your car battery can be affected by vibrations. To make sure that your car battery is tightly fastened and secured in place, use a battery clamp. This will help lessen excessive vibration. However, also make sure that your battery clamp is not overly tight. 

Switch Off Accessories When Engine Isn’t On

It is best to keep your car battery close to 100% charged. Accessories that are turned on or are connected to the car will use up the power of the battery when the engine is off. That is why you should make sure that you switch them off. Make sure your lights are off before you leave your vehicle or else you’ll end up with a dead car battery in the morning. 

Avoid Too Much Heat Exposure

Most people believe that the winter months can be harsh on the batteries. That may be true because they’d have to work harder to start the engine. However, too much heat exposure may be a much worse scenario. 

Due to heat exposure, water evaporates at a much faster rate. The effect of the heat exposure may not be that obvious in the summer months. However, when winter months come, the battery becomes weaker as it tries hard to start the engine even if the water level inside is not ideal. 

The next time you park your car, find somewhere that is shaded. This doesn’t only help with your battery but it also helps make your exterior paint last longer. You can also find other ways to insulate your car battery. 

Regular Voltage Checks

When a lead-acid battery is left fully discharged or partially discharged, it’s lifespan will dramatically decrease. That is the reason why regular voltage checking should be done. This should be done monthly. The ideal voltage should be at 12.7 volts or above. 

When the voltage falls below 12.5 volts, it would be best to recharge it as soon as you can. Don’t get too complacent because of the decimal point difference. Remember that a dead battery is at 12 volts and a half charged one is at 12.4 volts. 

Use Your Car Regularly

If you think that the best way to protect your car battery is not to use the car at all, then you’re wrong. Unused car batteries will still lose their charge over time. This self-discharge is what happens to vehicles kept in storage for a long time. 

When you don’t use your car, it is also doesn’t recharge. Slowly, it will all be used up, especially if there are parasitic loads like the clock function. If you can’t use the car for a long time, use a trickle charger to help keep the battery in optimal condition.

car air filter replacement

Car Maintenance You Can DIY

Car Diy Repairs

Due to challenging times, I can’t blame you for finding ways on how to save on your car repairs. Although I still highly suggest having your car checked, maintained, and repaired by a professional, there can be some simple car repairs you can do on your own. You also have to use your senses to detect car problems early on.

As for the other more complicated repairs leave most of the work on the hands of professionals. They are well-trained, experienced and some don’t really charge that much. You can always ask for a quote if you are unsure about their price. 

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car mechanic training

Important Things To Know When Training As A Mechanic

Mechanic's Training

Car mechanics play a vital role as to how long a car runs efficiently and effectively. Of course, car owners should take care of their vehicles regularly by bringing them to their trusted mechanics. From there, mechanics should be able to diagnose any problem, provide solutions, and give suggestions on what should be done. 

Today, car mechanics have a lot in their hands as the cars produced today have evolved significantly. These modern machines are composed of modern technology plus the basic car technologies of the past. The challenge for today’s mechanics is to learn to adapt and develop their skills as the car industry also continues to evolve. 

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Our Favorite Affordable Efficient Cars

Car Reviews

While a car’s gas per mileage is one of those criteria that people look into before they buy their vehicle, it has been an especially important in this era of green thinking, not to mention those who tend to drive for long distances on a regular basis.

While the prices of gas aren’t skyrocketing at present, its price could still rapidly increase due to different factors. With a car that efficiently uses fuel, you are better prepared. Here are the top cars to buy when it comes to mpg.

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truck maintenance

Maintaining Your Truck Fleet


Trucks are cars, just like burritos aren’t tacos. And although they’ve got engines, tires, axles, and steering wheels, they’re often used in totally different applications.

With that in mind, it makes sense to have a PM schedule that is customized to the need of your particular business application. This does not only positively affect the trucking company but it also helps make sure that the truck is safe to travel with. Truck safety is something that doesn’t only affect the drivers or the shipments but everyone else on the road. Here are the main things that should be done to maintain any of your trucks:

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car maintenance

Why You Should Follow Your Car Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedules

Taking care of your car is your responsibility. If you do it, then you’d also be taking care of yourself by lowering the risk of meeting an accident due to faulty vehicles. Taking care of your car means properly maintaining it.

Although you know the basic car care, taking it to the auto shops for maintenance checks should still be done. Following your maintenance schedule will help figure out the problem as early as possible. 

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car mechanic

Take The Leap To Be A Mechanic

Mechanic's Training

Many car lovers have a dream of having a career as a mechanic. This is because they get to do what they love and earn some cash out of it. Another perk of being a mechanic and a car lover is getting the chance to work on some of your most favorite vehicles.

Through automotive schools, car lovers can combine their passion for cars and mechanical training so that they can build a career that they will surely love. Getting a stable job as a mechanic is only one of the benefits that training and studying produces. However, there are still other benefits to being a mechanic.

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car mechanic

Outsmart Those Car Repair Scammer With These Tips

Car Scams

Car repairs often bring headaches to car owners. Not only does it mean that their beloved car has a problem, but it also means that they have to spend valuable time and money to get it repaired. While no one likes to pay the unplanned costs of repair a vehicle, the cost can skyrocket if the car mechanic scams them.

As old crusty Michigan repair shop owner and traveling mechanics, I’ve seen just about every scam you could think of, and then some. So today I wanted to share some sage advice on way in which you can outsmart those damned Car Repair Scammers.

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