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Basic Car Care For Non-Mechanics

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It takes years to learn and understand how the mechanical systems function and integrate on all the different makes and models out there today.  Personally I learn on average 3 new things a day – things change that quick.  With all the new models and functionality coming out with each new release; it a full time job keeping up.

As a consumer, it just makes sense to hire a solid mechanic to service your vehicle at regular intervals. With that in mind it’s important you understand some basics of your car, SUV, or truck, but it’s even more important you get on a schedule for maintenance.

Here’s my quick thoughts on the subject…

Read The Manual

Sure it’s not Shakespeare, but an understanding of your vehicle’s manual is a basic step everyone should take to understand how their car works.  I don’t espouse reading it all, just understand the maitenance required, and how the manual is organized for future reference.  Keep it in the glove box at all times!

If you a colored light comes on the dash, you don’t have to guess, you can just read the manual.

And don’t worry if you lost the car’s manual, there’s probably one online that you can get for free.

Use Your Senses

Your senses can help you detect problems your vehicle. Do you smell something unusual like gas? Maybe there’s a leak. Do you hear an unusual popping sound? Being able to find problems early on helps you reduce your repair and maintenance bills.

Regular Maintenance And Tune-ups

Even if your car is new, there is still a need to have it checked regularly. This ensures that a problem isn’t starting. If there is any problem, it would be easier to remedy during the initial stages.

Find A Local Mechanic

Even if you have a goal of maintaining and customizing your own vehicle, you still need to find a local mechanic you trust.

You can come to them whenever you can’t repair the car problem on your own. You can also learn a thing or two from them as they maintain or repair your vehicle.

Practice Changing Your Tires

You’ll never know when you’re going to get a flat tire and it will really help if you already know what to do in case that happens. Practice changing your tire at home. Make sure you always have the tools you need in your vehicle.

Terry Wade

Terry Wade is a traveling Car Mechanic in Southfield Michigan. He's been repairing cars for nearly 20 years.
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