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Oil is an essential part of car maintenance. It needs to be regularly checked and changed after some time or driving a particular number of kilometers. Oil change, although not very difficult to do, does require some basic skills and high level of carefulness. You can do that at home in a DIY style but that is not recommended as one loose bolt can result in some big problems.

There are many things to consider when changing the engine oil. In this article we will guide you through them….

1- Changing Oil At the Right Time

When it comes to engine oil, changing it at the right time really matters. The oil tends to lose its color and basic properties with time and usage. This is when the oil becomes useless and begins to damage the engine. It is important to be aware of that and change the oil before that happens. Different oil types ensure safety for different kilometers. For example, some oil brands mai guarantee safety for 4,000 kilometers while synthetic type sometimes guarantees safety for 8,000 kilometers.

2- The Type Of Vehicle

Different types of vehicles need different oil type. If you have an old vehicle, the best engine oil should be a little thick while in newer car the best engine oil should be a little thinner. Old vehicles may also require engine change quicker as compared to new models. This is because older engines are weaker and face more wear and tear than newer ones.

3- Oil level

The level oil is also very important. Filling more than the required level may cause oil leakage and more. And the low volume of oil can cause the piston to lose its shape and more.

Keep a close eye on the gauge while changing the oil. Once you are done, start the engine dip the gauge in and check again for oil level. Most engine type require a standard volume of engine oil, so make sure you consult the manual.

4- Type of Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Make sure you use original, well-known brand’s oil every time. Going for the cheaper option may save you money but will cost you in terms of maintenance cost in the longer run. It is also recommended that you should use the same brand every time. For example, if you are using Shell, don’t change the brand to Caltex for no reason.

5- Not Driving Enough

If you mostly cover short distances and the running of your car is really low then you should change the oil after every 6 months irrespective of the fact that how many kilometers it has travelled. The engine oil tends to lose its properties even when it is not moving between the parts. This deterioration is, however, slow but keep the 6 months limit as a rule of thumb in this case.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Please use the comments section below and let’s start a healthy debate.

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