Can My Punctured Tyre Be Repaired?

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It’s a sunny day and you are ready to hit the meeting but guess what? Your car tyre is punctured. We all have been through these frustrating scenarios where one is clueless and numb.

You just can’t waste time blaming the nail or debris on the road for puncturing your brand new tyre. It’s the moment to take action and get your hands dirty in order to repair and get going with your routine.

Before fetching the disassembly tools you first need to figure out that, can your punctured tyre be repaired? Today, we’ll guide you on how to analyze a repairable and non-repairable tyre.

  • Puncture’s Location

As standard set by the British rule BSAU159, it defines that the safe minor tyre repair carries out to the central ¾ sector also known as minor repair area. If the puncture is located out of the bound set by BSAU159, it’s called as the major repair area that is near impossible to get fixed.

Carry out the inspection by keeping in mind the BSAU159 speculations to get a fair idea of your tyre’s future. Note that the sidewall (an area that isn’t inside the ¾ of tyre’s central) can’t be repaired perfectly as it undergoes some serious flex.

  • Size of Puncture

Don’t get super excited by the fact that your puncture’s location is inside the central ¾ of tyre as size matters. The standard set by British BSAU159 also specifies the maximum size of puncture that can be taken care of with a temporary solution. If the puncture size exceeds the diameter limit of 6mm, you can’t attempt the repair.

Sketching a rough idea from the specifications provided by the BSAU159, we can conclude that if the tyre is ripped off by a nail or screw you are good to go. Furthermore, if the tyre is get caught by a large item like a bolt or metal debris you need to invest in a new tyre.

You can read more about the British Standard Tyre Puncture Repair BSAU159 to get the correct information about the whole rulings related to the size of puncture.

  • Tyre’s Condition

The condition of tyre also matters before you start repairing the puncture. Even though the puncture’s location and size may be well out of harm’s way, you need to make sure that tyre’s condition is well intact.

Although your tyre might look new, the general condition checking rules are yet to be applied. As per UK legal limiting for a tyre tread, the central ¾ of tyre’s tread breadth should be above 1.6mm. Note that if anywhere, tread on the tyre’s circumference is less than 1.6mm you can’t repair the tyre back to its original state.

Apart from being an illegal act, it’s also a major safety risk to drive on a punctured tyre. Make sure to follow our guide to analyze if you need to invest in a new tyre or bring out tools to repair the present one.

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