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Maintaining Your Truck Fleet


Trucks are cars, just like burritos aren’t tacos. And although they’ve got engines, tires, axles, and steering wheels, they’re often used in totally different applications.

With that in mind, it makes sense to have a PM schedule that is customized to the need of your particular business application. This does not only positively affect the trucking company but it also helps make sure that the truck is safe to travel with. Truck safety is something that doesn’t only affect the drivers or the shipments but everyone else on the road. Here are the main things that should be done to maintain any of your trucks:

Schedule Truck Maintenance

Maintenance checks should be one regularly and the scheduled should always be followed. The truck maintenance schedule may depend on a variety of factors including the truck type, age, and the mileage it covers. The schedule checks will help increase the lifespan of the trucks. 

Preventive maintenance checks done will include alignment and steering, tire inflation, brakes as well as electrical inspection. A preventive maintenance program should be properly done and followed. 

Pre- and Post-trip Inspections

Truck maintenance doesn’t only rely on the hands of the maintenance personnel. The truck drivers also play a crucial role in truck maintenance. Before and after each trip, the trucks should be properly inspected and documented. If there are any concerns or issues, it should be immediately dealt with. Drivers should also be trained on how to properly inspect their trucks so they’ll know what to look out for. 

Some of the most important things that drivers should check would include the tires, brakes, shocks, suspension, windshields, engine fluid, oil changes, and transmission fluids. In order to facilitate proper post- and pre-trip inspections, trucking companies should create a checklist to easily record the information. 

Seasonal Preparations

We live in a country where there are different seasons and it is highly important to get the truck ready for the season. Winter is the most common season prepared for. Heaters are checked, tire tread, and chains are also prepared for snowy roads. However, the trucks should also be prepared for the summer season. That can be done by preparing and checking the air conditioner and cooling system for the truck and its engine should also be checked. 

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