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Outsmart Those Car Repair Scammer With These Tips

Car Scams

Car repairs often bring headaches to car owners. Not only does it mean that their beloved car has a problem, but it also means that they have to spend valuable time and money to get it repaired. While no one likes to pay the unplanned costs of repair a vehicle, the cost can skyrocket if the car mechanic scams them.

As old crusty Michigan repair shop owner and traveling mechanics, I’ve seen just about every scam you could think of, and then some. So today I wanted to share some sage advice on way in which you can outsmart those damned Car Repair Scammers.

Get Written Estimates

One of the most common tricks that scammers do is to convince the car owners when they are asking for an estimate. Most often than not, they just use the estimate to lure car owners.

They do this by offering an affordable price estimate. Then that price goes up as they find more repairs that need to be done. Owners end up paying not only double but even triple the estimated amount. To prevent this, get yourself a written proof so you can argue with them with conviction. This will also prevent them from exploiting you.

Find Reputable Mechanics

Whenever you go for a service, even if it is not car-related, you need to first research and find a reputable provider. This is also true for car mechanics. If you find mechanics with a good reputation, it is less likely for you to get scammed. That is why it is important to find a mechanic or have the contact details of a reputable mechanic before your car develops a problem.

Don’t Be A Victim Of Their Emotional Manipulation

Some scammer mechanics are great actors. If you go to them for a simple AC filter replacement, they’d check your car and say that you need other parts to be fixed as well. The act will seem legit because of the worry emotion they have on their faces. They can scare you by asking you if you know how dangerous your car is in its current state. All of those they say are simply manipulations.

Know Your Car

It’s your car and you have the responsibility to know about it or else you risk getting scammed easily. Some mechanics will use technical terms to further confuse you. If you understand your vehicle, they won’t be successful in doing so. The car’s manual and online research are great tools to help you get to know your vehicle better.

Terry Wade

Terry Wade is a traveling Car Mechanic in Southfield Michigan. He's been repairing cars for nearly 20 years.
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