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Start Protecting Your Car Paint Today! Here’s How…

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Car maintenance doesn’t just involve maintaining what’s under the hood. It also involves maintaining the interior and exterior side of your vehicle.

And hey, let’s be honest: everyone likes driving around in shiny new-looking car or truck.

So while we’re always talking about under the hood maintenance so for today’s post we’re going to change it up a bit to we’ll focus more on the exterior part of your car, specifically the car’s paint.

Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your car’s exterior paint…

Beware Of Bird Droppings

That small white splat on your car may cause more harm than you think. Bird droppings seem to be harmless animal excretions, but they can be corrosive on the car paint.

The longer you let that corrosive substance stay on your paint, the more damage it can cause. So the next time you see bird droppings on your car, clean it up immediately and don’t wait until the next car wash day.

Ever noticed your that your car is covered with a sticky film when you park under lime trees during spring? The term for that phenomenon “honeydew”.

Sweet as it may sound, it does nothing good for your car. The sticky film is excrement from aphids. Just like bird droppings, it can also be corrosive to paint especially when in combination with direct sunlight.

Don’t Skip Your Regular Washing Schedule

Cars should be regularly washed to ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and other harmful substances that can deteriorate your paint. When your car goes through regular car washing, it is less likely for you to spend on more expensive paint touch-ups.

The frequency of car wash should depend on how you use your car. Don’t be afraid of washing your car often. Just make sure you use the right products to avoid damage to your paint.

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A Proper Car Wash

Like we just said, washing your car often does not damage it unless you use harmful products or tools. Whether you use a brush or a washcloth, make sure it isn’t contaminated with sand or else it will be like using sandpaper. Can you imagine what that does on the paint’s surface?

Like your car, the tools you use for your car should also be properly maintained. Clean them every after use and make sure that they are still suitable for use.

Similarly, the products you use should also be carefully selected. Opt for a mild cleaning agent with a low pH. Pressure washing can also be done but you have to make sure the pressure isn’t too high or else you’ll also be damaging the paint.

Additionally, you can use wax or any topcoat to further protect the car’s paint. How often you wax your car will depend on it’s exposure to various weather conditions. Most will advice waxing the car at least two times: one in spring and one before winter.

Touch Up Sooner Rather Than Later

Discovered a small scratch on your car? The best way to handle it is to touch it up or have it touched up immediately. There are paint pens and spray cans that can be used with each vehicle. This prevents further worsening of the scratched area.

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