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There was a time when the only type of fuel for vehicles was gasoline. The advancement in technology gave birth to alternative fuel as well. These alternative include hybrid and electric vehicles. The popularity of these cars is increasing day by day as we are moving towards a more energy-saving world.

A hybrid car is one that uses more than one source of power to move. It can have electric motors along with gasoline engines. As you can easily guess by the name an electric car only uses one or more electric motors to move. Both the types of vehicles i.e. hybrid and electric have their pros and cons which we will discuss below.

Hybrid Vehicle- Pros

  • These vehicles are more environment friendly as compared to the usual gas vehicles. The US Environmental Protection Agency states that the fuel consumed by these vehicles is 30-60 percent less than a traditional vehicle resulting in reduced carbon dioxide.
  • These hybrid cars are really fuel efficient since they have an alternate electric motor as well which means that you can really save up on the fuel expense.
  • You can also save up a lot of taxes if you are looking to purchase a hybrid car since a lot of Income-tax credit Programs encourage to buy these cars.
  • Since these cars are gaining popularity with each passing day, therefore the resale value of the hybrid cars is generally on the higher side.

Hybrid Vehicle- Cons

  • a hybrid car has a higher cost of purchasing as compared to a traditional car and it is because of the fuel efficiency eco-friendliness and the eco-status of these cars.
  • Since the hybrid technology is relatively new, therefore the maintenance is mostly done by the manufacturers and hence the maintenance cost creeps up.
  • The engines of the hybrid cars are small and internal combustion engines that help in the efficiency but will reduce the acceleration.
  • There is not enough support in the suspension of the hybrid cars, therefore the handling is not as good as the traditional cars.

Electric Vehicle- Pros

  • The electric cars are extremely energy efficient as these cars can convert around 59-62 percent of electric energy to power the wheels as compared to the traditional cars, which can only convert only 17-21 percent.
  • These cars are easy and cheap to maintain as there fewer moving parts in these vehicles when compared to the internal combustion engines.
  • As we all know that electricity is much cheaper than petroleum, therefore these cars can cut down your fuel expense.
  • The electric cars have no exhaust system at all; therefore the emission is zero making these cars more eco-friendly.

Electric Vehicle- Cons

  • Upon a complete charge the distance that these cars can cover is 50-100 miles, hence they have a shorter driving distance.
  • The batteries of an electric car will take several hours to charge while with the traditional cars you just have to fill the fuel and hit the road.
  • Almost all the electric cars have a very limited space; these cars can only accommodate two people.
  • The batteries of the electric cars are really expensive.


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