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Truck driving takes some serious experience and skill if you want things to go the right way. Back in the day’s people who drove manual transmission trucks were genuinely known as the only Truck Drivers but that isn’t the case anymore. As technology is evolving day by day with pace many have accepted the automatic transmission as changing a few gears efficiently doesn’t make you the ideal trucker.

Truck drivers prefer the manual transmission system as automatic transmission didn’t hold up to the promises in past. Now here we are with this piece that will reveal you both sides of the transmission story!

1- Manual Transmission:

Manual Transmission gives you every control in hand so you can change gears without any strict restrictions.

This transmission lets you handle high torque loads with ease and create firm approach in an off-road environment. Similarly, it’s relatively easy to maintain and repair.

The only downside of the Manual Transmission is the never-ending learning curve for new drivers.

2- Fully Automatic Transmission:

In Fully Automatic Transmission the hydraulically operated control systems are managed electronically by the computer systems. The driver just has to select from Park, Drive or Neutral.

This system is super handy to use for everyone as you don’t have to change gears on your own. It provides a comfortable driving experience and increases fuel economy as well.

Drawbacks of Fully Automatic Transmission are more when compared to a manual system. It’s complex and prone to failures, expensive, unsuitable for the off-road environment and you name it.

3- Semi-Automatic Transmission:

Also known as clutchless manual transmission, this system offers the good of both manual and automatic worlds.

On the good side of the cover, you can change gears on your own or let the machine automate it for you. Likewise, you get to encounter a smoother shifting/driving experience.

Although it’s preferred by many, it’s like a lot more expensive than the good old manual transmission system. Similarly, it’s also vulnerable to failures as after all everything is controlled by the computer systems.

After stating the good and bad of every system we need to clear up some myths that are whirling around every newbie trucker who’s looking forward to starting the career.

It’s not just about shifting gears!

We are living in the present and every truck driver knows that shifting gears isn’t a skill that will top up your trucker portfolio. If you are starting the career with an automatic restriction on your license then you are far away from being a professional trucker. A professional trucker can handle all types of transmission with ease.

Don’t fall for this and enjoy the goods of both manual and automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmission will last just like the manual.

Technology is now reliable and it’s getting over the old traditions. You get all the trust and power of a manual system in automatic transmission nowadays, all thanks to the great mind that are thinking way forward.

Automatic Transmission is the future as no one likes to shift gears all the time just to efficiently control the truck.

Terry Wade

Terry Wade is a traveling Car Mechanic in Southfield Michigan. He's been repairing cars for nearly 20 years.
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